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Welcome to the web site of Great Provider Service Exporters!

Based in Manila, Philippines, we are a duly licensed recruitment agency serving clients around the globe. Service management is our craft and depending upon the urgency of your manpower requirement, we facilitate timely mobilization of qualified contract workers to meet your specific need.
Great Provider, as we are known among our global clients, operates with a license (License No. 102-LB-050703-R) from the Philippine government through the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).
Our offices are located in Makati City, the business and commercial center of the Philippines.

Our company president, Ms Ruby Dimaya, among client employer and workers in Kuwait.

Great Provider Service Exporters is composed of young, energetic and dynamic officers and personnel who share common aspirations toward accomplishment and success. From our staff you can expect the highest standard of professionalism, innovative thinking and the added advantge of vast experience in the field of manpower deployment. Whatever your need, we are here to ensure that you get the best qualified workers for the job.

Workers take a break from an orientation session at our Manila office.
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