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Since the company started in 1999, Great Provider Service Exporters has provided on-time deployment of reliable manpower to clients in various parts of the globe. Today our workers can be found in the Middle East as well as in the USA, Canada, China and other countries in Asia. We have established a ready pool of varied categories of contract workers chosen through a very selective process that ensures only the best services are delivered to our clients.
Great Provider Service Exporters is considered to be one of the Philippines' leading certified recruitment agencies, a proven partner of the Philippine government in its efforts to generate employment for Filipinos abroad. We are especially known for handling the following worker categories:
  • Engineering/Electronic Workers
  • Managerial/Administrative/Accounting/Clerical/Office Workers
  • Medical/Hospital Workers/Specialists
  • Hotel and Restaurant Workers
  • Entertainers
  • Maintenance/Technician/Repair Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Housemaids/Domestic Helpers/ Caregivers/Cooks/Drivers/Governesses





Our worldwide clients include:


BAHRAIN Swan Lake Restaurant

BRUNEI Noranita Services

                   & Manpower Agency

CANADA Avant Management

                   & Staffing Resources

K.S.A. Omar Ali Balsharaf Est.

            Al Othaim Commercial


KUWAIT Chaclate Sweet Company

                 Lyali Al-Sharq Sweets

                   & Patisserie Company

                 Le Notre Paris Company

                 Kuwait & Gulf Link

                    Transport Co. 

                 Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical


                 First Kuwaiti Trading

                    & Contr. Co.

                 Kuwait Envelopes & Folders


                 Best Trading Company

                 Mohammad Saleh & Reza

                   Yousuf Behbehani Co.

                 Kuwait Industrial Refinery

                   Maintenance & Engineering 

                   Co. (SAK) Kremenco

QATAR K.A. Almana Trading

                  & Contracting Est.

USA Avant Management

            & Staffing Resource




Great Provider Service Exporters Inc.