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To better serve the company's clients worldwide, Great Provider Service Exporter handles all aspects of recruitment procedures. We are totally committed to serving our clients and workers through the different steps of  the employment process as follows:
  1. Locate potential candidates through nationwide sourcing and advertising; conduct screening, initial and final interviews; carry out selection of various skills category.
  2. Supervise medical/physical/psychological tests of candidates.
  3. Conduct training sessions and skill trade testing.
  4. Transmit candidates' resumes, along with evaluations and recommendations, to client employer.
  5. Manage contract signing and accreditations with Philippine Labor Office and other government entities.
  6. Handle visa requirements for workers at the embassies concerned.
  7. Execute travel arrangements for immediate dispatch of workers to job assignments.
  8. Conduct pre-departure orientation and exit interviews.
  9. Offer assistance to workers at airport.
  10. Provide financial assistance on placement fees.





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